Does the child seat fit into my car?

The various systems with ISOFIX/SEATFIX have car-specific approvals that we have documented in a respective type list. Please visit the product page and search for your car to make sure the child seat is approved for it.

Child seats without ISOFIX or SEATFIX connection have a general approval and can be installed on any car seat that is equipped with a three-point belt. However, we do always recommend having a compatibility fitting at your local RECARO retailer too. Check for any space limitations, the correct fitting and the length of the three-point belt. Read carefully in each case, the operating instructions of the child seat and your car. The retailer will also be available for questions.

RECARO child seats with SEATFIX can also be installed in a car without ISOFIX connection. For this purpose the latch arms can easily be retracted and the seat is secured with the three-point belt.

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