Which one is the right child seat for us?

When it comes to child seats, parents are most likely spoilt for choice. ISOFIX vs. SEATFIX, integrated five - point harness or impact shield, one that grows with your child or rather tailored to the age group, forward or rearward facing?

The truth is, no child seat is like the other. Maximum safety can only be achieved through the perfect interaction of seat, child and parents. It is important to choose the right child seat to offer the child optimal protection and comfort. We recommend visiting an authorized RECARO retailer who will be able to advise you and test the various models together with your vehicle and child.

Child seats are classified into weight groups, which do overlap. Therefore, make sure that you are not switching to the next stage child seat too early. The following groups are regarding the ECE standard R44/04. According to the new i-Size standard, R129, these groups will be differentiated according to age and size rather than age and weight. Currently both standards are running parallel to one another.

  • Group 0 from birth up to 10 kg
  • Group 0+ from birth up to 13 kg
  • Group I from 9 to 18 kg
  • Group II from 15 to 25 kg
  • Group III from 22 to 36 kg

Babies and toddlers should stay in the infant carrier or a rearward facing seat as long as possible in order to reduce the strain on the sensitive head and neck muscles (Group 0+ / I).
Next you can choose between a group I child seat which is used up to approximately 4.5 years or one that grows with your child (group I-II-III) that accompanies the family for a long time. Child seats for the group I have the advantage that they are adapted to the needs of children in this age group. However, it is necessary to purchase a new seat when the child grows older (group II-III). If you prefer one that grows with your child (group I-II-III) the decision must be made individually, should it be a model with an integrated 5-point harness (Young Sport HERO) or with an impact shield (Monza Nova IS). This depends on the physique but also on the personal preferences of your child. Some children might not like the impact shield, although this solution is absorbing the forces of a frontal impact very well, protecting the spine and head perfectly.

Make sure that all prerequisitions in the car also fit. Is the child seat approved for the vehicle? Is it equipped with ISOFIX? It is easy to install the child seat and to secure child and do the parents feel comfortable with it?

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