Carpooling - how to secure more than one child in the car

Taking your child's best friend home? No problem but safety comes first.
Even if you only occasionally take another child with you in the car it must be well secured. For all trips that are planned in advance, a child seat is required. This includes, of course, carpooling. As the driver you are responsible for the safe transportation of all children on board. Our child safety seats are designed for a fixation with the car's three-point belt or ISOFIX. If you take more than one child in the car, make sure that depending on the belt situation and space the child seats can be properly secured in the car. Exceptions can be made in case of an emergency.

If a child is secured on a passenger seat with airbags please read the information on child safety in your car's manual. If it is not possible to fit a third child seat on the back seat because of others it may be allowed to secure the child with only the three-point belt if it is at least three years old. However, this should stay as an exception.

The latest ADAC tests show that three child seats next to each usually only fit in cars equipped with individual seats (Van, Minibus). This is because modern and secure child seats have become slightly wider due to improved side impact protection. If that is the problem then the passenger seat is recommended. Vans usually have a third row of seats that can be used.

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