Like the grown-ups - Travelling on the front passenger seat

The law provides no restrictions for forward-facing child seats on the passenger seat. Nevertheless, the safety notes on the child seat and in the operating manual of your car need to be considered. New vehicles are equipped with so-called airbag key switches. The driver or the car dealer is able to disable the passenger airbag quickly and easily.

The correct belt routing is important. The passenger seat and the child seat must be upright. Move the passenger seat as far back as possible. When using a group II-III seat, in which the child is secured with the three-point belt, it must not point backwards but must run forward from the outlet on the B-pillar. Do not push the car seat all the way to the front, you child's legs would be in the area of ​​the airbag. The seat should be set slightly higher, so the lap belt runs to the top front and the buckles as well as the latch plate do not extend into the belt guides of the child seat. This way the child has a better view. These settings correspond to an average upright seating position of an adult with about 175 cm to 180 cm in height.

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