From ECE R44 to i-Size: What do they mean?

i-Size is the first phase of a new standard for child seats. The objective of this regulation is to make it easier for parents to decide on a suitable child seat. The new ECE R129 standard will operate in parallel to the current ECE R44/04 standard for a transitional period of at least five years.

The main differences between both standards:

ECE R44/04 i-Size (ECE R129)
Group classification by bodyweight Classification by body size and age
Forward-facing installation from 9 kg Rear-facing installation up to 15 months
Valid for car seatbelt and ISOFIX Only valid for ISOFIX



What does that mean for RECARO child seats?

All RECARO child seats are developed according to our very high safety standards. The latest "very good" results from Stiftung Warentest and ADAC confirm that fulfilling the R129 standard is not necessary in order to guarantee maximum safety. Our child seats are equipped with advanced side protection (ASP), which results in exceeding all the requirements in side crash tests. In our test winning infant carrier Privia, children can already travel safely, rearward facing up to 15 months of age.

With the new i-Size standard parents will have the choice between child seats that are i-Size (ECE R129) or ECE R44/04 approved. Child seats that are registered under ECE R44/04 can of course still be used. Both standards will operate in parallel for several more years.

Manufacturers will soon start launching cars that are "i-Size ready". The installation of i-Size seats in other cars with Isofix connectors will then only be possible if the compatibility has been tested by the child seat company and documented in the respective type list.

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