Child seats and airbags

You cannot install a rear-facing child seat on the passenger seat with an active airbag (front airbag). The child's head would be located in the air bag's deploying area. When it is triggered it could cause severe injuries or be fatal for the child. Infant carriers and group I seats should always be installed in the back seat.
For children in forward-facing child seats the front airbag is rather harmless. However, there are a few important notes for the correct use. Please read some of the FAQ's such as "Like the grown-ups - Travelling on the front passenger seat".

We recommend keeping it to exceptional circumstances seating the child on the front passenger seat when you are travelling alone with your child. If you do, the airbag must  be disabled. Please refer to your vehicle's manufacturers manual for guidance on this.

Regarding side and head airbags, the industry hasn't agreed, yet. There should be no risk, as long as the child is properly secured in the child seat.

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