• Young Sport HERO
    9 months - 12 years
    9 - 36 kg
    ECE Group I/II/III

    Grow-along child seat with HERO technology

    Integrated 5-point harness for group I

    Particularly long usage, from 9 months to 12 years

    ASP - Advanced Side Protection

    Perfect seating ergonomics

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    The next generation

    The Young Sport HERO is a grow-along child seat that can  easily be installed in almost every car. Due to its simple handling and the long usage it has become our bestseller.


    • HERO safety system prevents belts from slipping or twisting and makes buckling up easy
    • Seat angle adjustment for maximum security (group I)
    • Advanced Side Protection: Energy absorbers reduce the forces of a side impact


    • Grows along, for a safe ride from 9 months up to 12 years of age
    • Universal installation with the car's 3-point belt (Group I-III)
    • Integrated 5-point belt for additional safety (Group I)
    • Height adjustable headrest


    • Insert cushion for more stability and best comfort (Group I)
    • Comfortable seating foam adapts perfectly to the body shape and provides necessary support
    • Belt clip helps with safe and stable installation - even without isofix connection
    Testing regulation which the seat has passed
    The child seat can also be used with the car’s own three-point seatbelt.
    RECARO ASP Advanced Side Protection: special protection in the case of side impact.
    The innovative HERO safety system combines shoulder paddings, belts and headrest in one unit.

    Is this seat compatible with my vehicle?

    A child seat without an ISOFIX or SEATFIX connection has a general approval, and can be installed in a vehicle that is equipped with a 3-point belt which is used to secure the child and the child seat. However, we always recommend a test installation at an authorised RECARO retailer to ensure compatibility with your vehicle before buying. Checks for any space limitations, the correct fitting and the length of the 3-point belt will be carried out.

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