• Monza Nova IS
    9 months - 12 years
    9 - 36 kg
    ECE Group I/II/III

    Test winner: "GOOD" StiWa result with 2.0 (6/2013)

    Particularly long usage, from 9 months to 12 years

    Seatfix connection and additional impact shield

    REACRO Sound System and perfect air circulation

    Headrest adaptable in depth and height

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    Safety first

    The Monza Nova IS offers you a whole range of advantages, it can be used for a particularly long time, and it was awarded “best in class” by Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organisation (issue 06/2013). The grow-along Monza Nova IS – a comprehensive safety system, including an impact shield and the RECARO sound system.


    • Impact shield absorbs crash forces and reduces the risk of injuries (For group I use)
    • Maximum side impact protection
    • Depth adjustable headrest with air cushions provides secure position of the head in between the side protectors - even during sleep
    • Reinforced armrests for optimal support in the hip area
    • Integrated seatfix connectors provide a secure and stable fit in the vehicle


    • Comfortable seating foam adapts perfectly to the body shape and provides necessary support
    • Air Circulation System: A passive ventilation system ensures comfort even on warm days
    • 11 way height adjustable headrest


    The integrated RECARO Sound System with MP3 connection means that your child can enjoy their own audio without disturbing anybody else in the car. The integrated speakers encourage him or her to keep their head in the protective headrest area.


    Child seat is suitable for fixing in your car with the RECARO Seatfix Armrest. The child is secured with the car’s own three-point seatbelt.
    Testing regulation which the seat has passed.
    The child seat can also be used with the car’s own three-point safety belt.
    RECARO ASP Advanced Side Protection: special protection in the case of side impact.
    RECARO ACS: passive air circulation system
    RECARO Sound System: loudspeakers integrated into the headrest.
    The impact shield offers additional protection and increased absorbtion of crash related forces (ECE group I).

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